Maryna Bykova

Maryna Bykova
Wohnort: 99084 Erfurt
Erfahrungen im EU-Programm Erasmus+ JUGEND IN AKTION: Freiwilligendienst(e) im ESK, Jugendbegegnung, Solidaritätsprojekt(e), Trainer/-in
Mein Interesse bei den EuroPeers: I want to help spreading the information about Erasmus+ program possibilities and encourage young people to be active citizens in their everyday life. I want to make this world a peaceful and inclusive place. That is why I joined EuroPeers movement.
Ich kann angefragt werden für: Infostand, Infoveranstaltung, Jugendevent, Kulturevent, Projektarbeit, Schulveranstaltung, Workshop / Seminar
I'm currently involved in the local NGO in Erfurt "Culture Goes Europe (CGE) - Soziokulturelle Initiative Erfurt e.V. " as a project manager. My personal spheres of interest are Media Literacy, Social Entrepreneurship and Civic Engagement.
I like hiking and often go to explore old castles in Thuringia.

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