Artem Firsov

Artem Firsov
Wohnort: 99084 Erfurt
Erfahrungen in den beiden EU-Jugendprogrammen: Freiwilligendienst(e) im ESK, Solidaritätsprojekt(e), Trainer/-in
Mein Interesse bei den EuroPeers: I am interested in EuroPeers because I have just finished my year of ESC volunteering and I have learned a lot about living in Europe, writing youth projects, traveling to many countries with these projects and making new friends from all over the world. I can speak very colourfully about my year of ESC in Germany and can share my experiences. I also want to be in europeers because this is also a great way to get good experiences from other people and to get to know them well
Ich kann angefragt werden für: Infostand, Infoveranstaltung, Jugendevent, Kulturevent, Projektarbeit, Schulveranstaltung, Workshop / Seminar
I organise youth projects and exchanges around Europe. Participant in many Erasmus Plus projects. Acting coach. Cultural activist. Music and poetry artist since 2016. Volunteer. Very easy to find contact with any people. I am engaged in sports. Native Russian speaker, good English and basic German.