"Communication without borders" :)

In Berlin CHANCE International will welcome youth workers, trainers, teachers and leaders from Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Latvia, France, Georgia, North Macedonia, Moldova, Hungary and Armenia training course "Communication without borders".

With this long term training course "Communication without borders", we’d like to tackle the competence of youth workers to build and to facilitate the meaningful communication process with young people with marginalized background. One of our main aims for this project is to foster non-verbal communication in educational process addressing current challenges such as intercultural dialogue in the work with refugees or preventing radicalization of young people through different forms of art including drawings, sketching, comics, different forms of theatre, dance etc.

This training course consistsof three stages!

Training course
01.11.2019 - 09.11.2019
in Berlin, Germany.
The TC will be focusing on exploring
visual tools of communication such as
drawing, sketching, doodling, etc.

Local stage.
“homework” stage, during which the participants will have a task to implement at least one educational activity with their target group, using visual tools.

Training course
21.02.2020 - 29.02.2020
In Krasnodar, Russia
The training course will be dedicated to plastic kinds of art (theatre, dance and bodyworks), so the participants will learn to express themselves using their body and voice, will become aware of personal body language and self-expression.

The first training course objectives:
- Giving participants clear understanding on visual
- Developing participants’ skills on visual thinking;
- To explore the ways, techniques, means and
possibilities of visual tools with youth workers,educators and youth leaders active in youth work.
- Promoting active youth participation and voluntary work through visual tools
- To learn together the nowadays new programmes
and platforms supporting visual creation and
- Learning pre-production and post - production process
- To learn and compare the basic rules of respect to
copyright, creative commons etc.
- To promote young people’s active participation in
society by involving them in visuals creation
- To develop further activities in the youth work,
exploiting the results got during the training and
disseminating them further to their peers and
- Exchange of project ideas, building up future
projects and partnerships and exchange of best
practices in youth work

Gained skills participants can easily apply in their
work - during trainings, seminars and other
educational events that they organize, in
meetings with colleagues, partners, clients and
also during own learning

Profile of participants
“Communication without borders” is a LTTC, which
target groups are trainers, youth workers, youth
leaders, educators and teachers, who actively work
with international and intercultural groups, who want
to enable individuals to reach their full potential
through different methods of communication, and
who, are keen on developing themselves in the field
of non-verbal communication, body language and