Workshop / Seminar

GET IN NET - Training course on Management of a Transnational Youth Initiative Project Within Key Action 2 Strategic Partnerships Erasmus + Programme

Do you want to change something in your community? Do you have an idea for a project and would like to do it with young people from other European country? Do you want to learn new things and get support to initiate this adventure?
If YES, then a Transnational Youth Initiative project might be just what you’re looking for!!! Join us!

What are the objectives of “Get in Net”?
1. To increase understanding about the EU programme “Erasmus+”, focusing on the field of Youth and Transnational Youth Initiatives under Key Action 2.
2. To develop competences for international and educational project management in the field of Youth
3. To support development of sustainable partnerships for the future Transnational youth initiatives
4. To provide support and guidance in the development of Transnational youth initiatives

The programme is designed to enable you to develop and realize your Transnational Youth Initiative projects to be implemented after the course, including the following:
- Erasmus + Youth in Action programme – focus on Transnational Youth Initiatives.
You will receive information about the Erasmus + Youth in Action programme and learn, in particular, about the criteria and concrete examples of Transnational youth initiatives.
- Project management. You will reflect on the current needs and interests for you and your group/organization or community. You will develop ideas for specific projects to answer those needs and passions. You will learn the first steps of project management and you will apply them to your Transnational Youth Initiative projects.
- Teamwork. You will have the opportunity to develop team work as this has a strong influence on the cooperation with your partners and therefore the success of your project. Important topics are: the decision-making process, the division of tasks and the cooperation between your group and the other partner groups.
- Intercultural experience. As a consequence of an intercultural work environment you will develop an increasing awareness of: values, stereotypes, prejudices, relations between cultures, international project work.
- Contact making. You will get to know each other’s projects and/or organizations; you will share previous experiences and good practices at a local, national or European level.