Müllsammelaktion international

Dear EuroPeers,
As you may have realized in Rome, we have started a EuroPeers street waste collection event in Austria twice already, where we collected waste all over Austria at the same time. Everybody could help, according to the motto: Do something good for the environment and raise awareness for the network and the ESC.

This time our goal is to start the whole thing internationally. On Saturday 7th of May in the Afternoon we will collect street waste at different places at the same time. For this we need YOUR help to get the project into your city/region. It's not much effort, but we would meet online for around two meetings, explain what you should pay attention to and that's it. And please don't forget, it doesn't have to be a huge event in your city/town. Every person counts.

Your task will be to do a little advertising for the event in your town (as much as you would like to), find a location, ask the city to provide you with garbage bags, gloves, etc., and then hand them out at your spot. So now in the group please only a maximum of two people for one region.

To get involved, join us in the Whatsapp group until Wednesday 23th of March and we'll have a first Zoom meeting: https://chat.whatsapp.com/F2ewqXwfxWXCRg8kPLWllh
(The Date for the Zoom Meeting will be chosen by Doodle.)

If you have any Questions, or you don’t have Whatsapp, feel free to contact us:
Veronika Hagl, Europeer.V.Hagl@gmx.de
Helene Kratky, hkratky@live.at, +43 660 1204201
Simon Schmid, simonschmid@live.at, +43 650 9997236