Veronika Hagl

Veronika Hagl
Wohnort: 85290 Geisenfeld
Studienort: 6532BK Nijmegen
Erfahrungen im EU-Programm Erasmus+ JUGEND IN AKTION: Freiwilligendienst(e) im ESK, Jugendbegegnung
Mein Interesse bei den EuroPeers: I want to inform others of all the possibilities that Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps offer.
Ich kann angefragt werden für: Infoveranstaltung, Jugendevent, Kulturevent, Projektarbeit, Schulveranstaltung, Workshop / Seminar
I was in Cyprus and Poland for my ESC.

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  • Diskussionsrunde

    Let's Talk - online discussion about heart coherence (17 CET)

    Passion Udflugt

    First episode is ready, and we have an amazing guest speaker to join our talk.
    We are happy to introduce Capucine Chandon, who is currently studying "Heart Coherence", which is the topic for the night.

    Capucine describes the topic like this:
    "Heart coherence is an optimal state in which the hear...
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